In progress

  1. Control system platform for small smart house and its application in improving the security of door locks, 2015-2016, HCMUT.
  2. Design and control a Stewart platform in driving simulators, 2015-2016,VNU-HCM.
  3. Coming projects on robot arms from companies.


  1. A study on design and manufacturing a specialized equipment for funeral home, 2013-2014, HCMUT.
  2. Design of a strategy for soccer robots team, 2013-2014, HCMUT.
  3. Formation control of a small group of robots moving in a complex environment, 2012-2013, HCMUT.
  4. Design and manufacture a tennis machine for practicing, 2004, DOST HCMC.
  5. Design an automatic shrimp peeling machine, 2004-2005, HCMUT.
  6. Design a therapeutic spinal traction apparatus, 2004-2005, HCMUT.
  7. Design and manufacture anĀ ozone generator for environmental treatment, 2003-2004, HCMUT.
  8. Design and manufacture a self-memorized antenna, 2003-2004, HCMUT.
  9. Analyze and propose a method to enhance the quality of CDMA telecommunication system, 2002-2003, HCMUT